Collezione Autunno - Laura Brioschi

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Collezione Autunno - Laura Brioschi


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Ethical and sustainable collection

A 100% Made in Italy sartorial production from the fabric to the pattern, designed and created by Laura Brioschi, whose mission is to help make people feel good about themselves and decorate every body.



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Autumn Vibes
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made in italy

Italian artisanal production
Italian fabric
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This costume is a revolution!
I wear a 4E and I'm amazed that the M you recommended fits me perfectly, because normally even the XL of the most well-known brands didn't fit.

Clare Pomara

Hi Laura, today I wore a bathing suit for the first time to go to the beach...I wanted to thank you because I feel like a stratospheric's the first time in years that I feel like this in a bathing suit!

Valeria Ardu

They are perfect, gorgeous!

You can see that they are designed with love! Congratulations again!!!

Clare Polese

Laura the costume has arrived and it's perfect!
I can hardly believe it, I have very large breasts and they hold up very well and they don't give in despite being one shoulder!!!
Thank you so much, I won't take it off me anymore hahaha

Esther Santovito

Finally a swimsuit that makes me want to go to the beach!!!
This year, no more shame and no more giving up because of it. I can't wait to show off this beauty on my bath!
Heartfelt thanks Laura, this is also thanks to you!

Ariadne Palermo