Ciapina's Club

Join the Ciapina's Club

A new initiative awaits you ✨

For us, our customers are important and a fundamental part of our inclusive and sustainable fashion project.

To reward the loyalty and trust you have shown us, we have created this new project in which you will be rewarded * through a points system with a GOOD GIFT 🎁 that can be spent on our website.

How does it work?

For every euro spent you accumulate one point, therefore €1 = 1 point .

The collection of points takes place in a manner
automatic at the time of purchase.

⚜️500 points = 30€ VOUCHER
⚜️1000 points = 80€ GOOD

Vouchers can be combined , you are not obliged to immediately redeem the gift.
Credit or debit spending differences will be calculated automatically at the end of the order.

(Ex. Debit: you will automatically pay the missing amount.
On credit: you can spend the remaining amount on a future order)

Vouchers do not expire , so you can decide when to use them.

For the new Ciapina's Club we have also decided to award a retroactive loyalty bonus to express our gratitude to those who have used our shop with great continuity.

In fact, we will credit 500 points to those who have spent at least 1,000 euros in the past and 1,000 points to those who have spent at least 2,000 euros, thanking you for your loyalty.

How to use Ciapina's Club?

At the bottom right of any page of the site, you will find a pink icon with the gift package: click on it to start using the points programme.
To use it, you need to register or log into your account.

How to do?

- If you are already registered, click on "Sign In / Access", to start using the program immediately. From here you can immediately see your points balance, redeemable rewards and all other information.

- If you don't have an account yet, click on "Start" and register immediately on the site to start accumulating your points!