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One Shoulder Bra - Fuchsia / Cyclamen

A boss who dress well all physicalities, studied with particular attention to the bigger cups with an excellent result and satisfaction on the part of the Ciapines who have chosen it.

Excellent hold and great charm, you can also use it without the shoulder strap, making it also a fantastic one headband !


The fabric gives it a look opaque .

AND' reversible .

Recycled fiber
Ultra chlorine resistant
Resistant to sun creams and oils
Muscle containment
Shape retention
UV protection
Excellent coverage
Ultra thin
Pilling resistant
Perfect fit
Extra comfort

The precious fabrics with which bikinis are created and also the colors between the top and bottom pieces are the same even if they may seem different from the photo.

If you have doubts about the ideal size for you , remember to write me in direct on the Instagram page @the_bodypositive_shop or send me an email at

Do you feel uncomfortable with your body?

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The elasticity of the fabric means that even one size larger or smaller than your own can often fit.

Extraordinary hold even in the deepest cups.

For any doubts, we invite you to write us on instagram at @the_bodypositive_shop where free chat consultation is available.

What we need to know to advise you:

- Your measurements for bust, underbust, waist 3cm above navel, muffin top (circumference between navel and pubis)

- 1 or 2 photos of you from which we can understand your proportions

- indicate the models you are interested in

With this information we can recommend the most suitable size of the garments we create!


SCULPT is the stretch and compact made in Italy fabric that sculpts the body, harmonizes the silhouette and supports the muscles.

Opaque, breathable, dries quickly, wrinkle-resistant, blocks the sun's rays, high resistance to rubbing and also to sea water or chlorine.

OKEO-TEX certified




The creation of our garments follows social and environmental ethics, as well as seeking inclusiveness.

We are convinced that only a product made with such care is able to convey the authentic feeling of well-being we seek.

In addition to respecting workers, we support the planet thanks to sustainable production.


Our mission is to enhance the style of each person and help make them feel good about themselves and their physical characteristics at any size or age and whatever their gender.


Made in Italy

Our garments are created in Italy, from the fabric of the Bergamo and Varese supply chains, to the manpower of the Turin tailoring laboratory.

Attention to detail and quality materials are a priority, simple drawings (or real doodles if made by me) magically come to life thanks to expert hands.

Shipping and Returns

Shipments in the summer are carried out from Tuesday to Friday, we try to process orders as soon as possible.

One of my assistants and I make the packages with lots of love; they are then shipped by the courier from which you will receive an email with the tracking number.

Delivery usually takes place within 3-4 working days .

The handcrafted and exclusive production of the collection implies that there are often items that will have to wait a few days, to be sure of having them soon it is necessary to order them as soon as possible.

Sometimes you will find these abbreviations written next to the sizes:

- SOLD OUT means it's no longer available and won't be for a long time, maybe ever.

- PREORDER means that between 2 weeks and 2 months it will be available.

- RESTOCK means that as items arrive and we will proceed to send them (it is not always indicated, you may receive an email after a few days) it usually takes from 7 to 14 working days.

Shipping cost:

Italy: €6.90

Europe: €12.90

Rest of the world: €17.90

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews

Monospalla Reggiseno - Fucsia / Ciclamino

Monospalla fantastico come bikini e come top!

Da anni sono fedele al WOW bra e al SAILOR bottom perchè mi valorizzano. Quest'anno mi ero innamorata del colore fuxia/ciclamino, questo colore però era disponibile solo con il top monospalla. Il top monospalla mi ha sempre incuriosita ma, adorando il WOW non ero sicura se mi sarebbe stato bene... Decido di prendere il monospalla perchè adoro troppo il colore e chiedo aiuto all'assistenza di The Body Positive Shop per la taglia, che mi chiede la misura sottoseno. Ordino il top, assieme al SAILOR bottom, in prevendita a Giugno ( arrivo previsto a fine mese ). Il bikini mi arriva appena rientrata da un giro in bici di 2 ore, sudata ed appiccicosa, ma non sto nella pelle e DEVO provarlo subito! Rimango subito soddisfatta dalla vestibilità del Monospalla, all'inizio mi sembra stretto, ma era a causa dell'attrito del sudore/calore. Una volta indossato veste perfettamente, ne stretto nè largo, sostiene il seno senza stringere dando una bella forma "tonda" e non cascante. Ho utilizzato il top non solo come bikini, ma anche come top per fare sport ( comodo, sostiene, non si arrotola, non si macchia o scolora con il sudore e con i lavaggi ) e come top per uscire. Un giorno sono andata a fare la spesa in ciabattine, gonna effetto ecopelle (sempre di The Body Positive Shop) e top, ho fatto conquiste :-)
Non posso che consigliare questo top. Parlando con altre amiche più formose di me, mi sento di consigliare una taglia in più di top rispetto alla taglia abituale, perchè è molto attillato.
E vogliamo parlare del tessuto? Tessuti sempre di altissima qualità e colore stupendo: sono bellissimi sia il lato ciclamino che il lato fuxia (il mio preferito). E' un rosa molto acceso e in foto non rende, è molto più bello dal vero. Provare per credere ;-)