Inclusive fashion is a trend that is gaining momentum in the apparel industry as people are becoming more aware of the importance of inclusion and diversity .

We are doing our part ➡️


Inclusive clothing focuses on garments that can fit all body shapes and sizes , not just limiting yourself to standard sizes, creating clothing that is suitable for people of all ethnicities , with different physical abilities and with different style needs. These companies try to avoid discrimination based on size , body shape, origin and disability .

For example, there are brands that focus on creating clothes that are suitable for plus sizes, while others focus on creating disability-friendly clothes, rather than no gender garments, respecting values such as the uniqueness of the person .

Furthermore, more and more companies are trying to use sustainable and organic materials in the production of their garments, to reduce the environmental impact of the fashion industry, without harming the environment or workers .

Ultimately, it's a positive evolution within the industry, promoting a more realistic and representative image of people and we hope it will grow more and more in the future.

Being an inclusive brand means understanding diversity and trying to represent a multitude of people, in their uniqueness !

This is also possible thanks to the active participation of customers , who through feedback are an integral part of the brand's choices.

On our site you can find Italian sizes from 38 to 64 and we are always attentive and available to create garments based on the needs of the individual, to try to make the world a place where people feel more and more represented by the fashion sector, without discrimination.

We are in continuous work in progress to decorate more and more bodies and souls.

Our garments are produced entirely in Italy , from fabrics to design to production, thus representing Italian craftsmanship , quality and style .


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