Come è nata la mia linea di abbigliamento Inclusivo e Sostenibile?

How was my Inclusive and Sustainable clothing line born?


I briefly summarize my life to create context.

Adolescence passed through many diets, feeling of always not being enough , with appreciable and "in the standards" characteristics but others fought over by all the women of the world.

In 2009 I started working as an oversize model , I'm very happy about it but the relationship with my weight and my body worsens further due to the continuous comparison with the others and the requested measurements that did not correspond to my nature even though they are much greater than a news 40.

Thanks to this obsession , the millions of diets tried and the diet culture in general, I fall ill with bulimia, but I almost don't realize it, it seems to me something "I have to do" as a last hope to keep one of the lowest weights possible for me.

I go on for a while and life starts to become unsustainable, as I better tell in my book " We Are Light ".

In 2014 I had a Coming out about bulimia with my family for a while and I also did my last deleterious diet.

Since 2015 , I have begun a process of self-acceptance, also dedicating my Instagram profile and my blog to giving style advice for a size 46-48.

On that social network my " imperfections " created appreciation and union , especially with people from other parts of the world who wrote to me thanking me for the images that represented them.

In 2016 I had laid the foundations for an exchange collaboration with a brand that would have made my drawings , but thanks to the lack of experience of both things, they failed to really materialize ending up with a huge disappointment and sense of failure especially on my part.

I had no budget, I had no experience and having that experience gone very badly I had abandoned the dream of my own line .

In 2018 , after a big failure that made me lose hope, I launched my first swimsuits !

My mission at the time was to make sure that we curvy too had swimsuits that suited our shapes , but were lively and sexy!

To date, however, the beating heart of the collection is decorating all the bodies , item by item, trying to exist for a characteristic or a personality 🥹

Anyway my inspiration was seeing Ashley Graham making a capsule for a brand in 2016.

In my case, I didn't have brands pay for or pay me to publicize the partnership, but I made this investment as a small business owner.

Thanks to the experience of my partner Paolo, I learned to create a production with Italian tailoring workshops , with a schedule that would protect me from major economic risks, a fundamental factor because it is an exclusively mine project , which does not rely on financing companies.

Made in Italy is incomparable and is essential both for the quality of the garments produced and for making you feel so beautiful when wearing one of my garments.

Seeing you with my bosses is an extraordinary emotion!

Knowing that I help make you feel good and undress without fear fills me with ADRENALINE!

Make  my increasingly inclusive and sustainable line is a continuous work in progress !

The sizes currently fit from 38 to 64 Italian 🇮🇹

If you want to browse through the various items in the line CLICK HERE !

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