Quale reggiseno è quello giusto per me?

Which bra is right for me?

The right bra not only offers support and comfort , but can also improve posture by supporting the weight and shape/size of the breasts.

With so many options available in the market, it can be difficult to choose the right one. In this article, we'll compare two bra designs from the line to help you choose the right bra for you .

  • Double bra , minimizer bra without underwire that divinely supports even the largest cup sizes thanks to the Sculpt double layer .

Minimizer because it manages to minimize your shapes by a few centimetres.
You will be able to see for yourself the measurement of your breast before and after wearing it and the height of it under the shirts for example.

This is possible thanks to the cut and the doubled fabric , which favors excellent support and back support as well as favoring a containing effect.

It can also be used for low-medium intensity physical activity .

The underbust basque is created from doubled fabric without rigid parts that would detract from comfort and fit, thus following the natural lines of the body in all its movements. You can decide to turn it inside out to have a lower and less mobile basque.

  • Only U bra , non-wired bra in one layer of Sculpt fabric.

A second skin suitable for medium-small cups or for those who do not seek support as the main feature, it is ideal for those who want to forget they are wearing it.

This minimal , essential bra is totally raw cut both in the straps and in the neckline and has few seams so as to be practically invisible under other garments, and a nude effect never personally tried before.

The lightness and the absence of seams make it ideal for those who do not like a sense of compression and are looking for delicate support .

Other bra models such as Afrodite and Atena fall into the double layer category because they too are doubled and have the same characteristics as the Double , with the difference that they are not reversible, but embellished with tulle or elastic inserts .

The single or double fabric with which they are made is an elasticized and compact Made in Italy fabric that naturally sculpts the body, harmonizes the silhouette and supports the muscles.

In conclusion, choosing the right bra depends on your individual needs, write to us on Direct Instagram or on the email shop@laurabrioschi.com if you want personalized advice based on your needs or to find the size that best suits you.


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